20 Something basics; a Q&A

Q:  Why did you create this blog?

A: Well, its complicated and simple at the same time. Basically, I appreciate how I feel after dealing with food in anyway. From looking up recipes to grocery shopping to going to the market or a farm to cooking to reading about food to writing about food. I want to bring that experience to others too. I want for people to read this, walk away from a post, and keep thinking about the food described and maybe, possibly even, talk about the food with friends, and if I’m lucky, someone might even test out the food.

Q: Why the title?

A: It’s a pun. It’s ironic. It’s dorky. It’s me. It’s both representing the fact that I’m a 20-something year old now, recently graduated from College, and now in a huge transitional swing in my life AND that I’ll be keeping up about 20 something meals on the blog in time. If I have too many posts, then I’ll remove one or two to keep it in the twenties. This will be constantly evolving and changing.

Q: What kind of meals are we talking?

A: Well, that’ll depend on where I am at the time. You know those stereotypes about 20-somethings that are on the move, never settled, changing jobs left and right? Well that’ll be me, save the job changing. Since graduation I’ve been to 15 states so I have tons to write about. From a delicious pizza in Wyoming to a great local beer in Idaho to a homemade strawberry pie from New York. And in three weeks time, I’ll be in Seoul, Korea. So it’ll be all over the place. It’ll be quick reviews and recipes and experiences about cooking at home. It’ll be meals to savor.

Q: Is this only FOR 20 something?

A: Not at all. Although most of the meals or recipes will be more minimalist, they’ll also be delicious and not “cheap.” Inexpensive, sure. Cheap? Not a chance. The stereotype of 20-somethings being cheap and poor may be true of some aspects of my life, food is not one of them. I think that if anything, food is the most worthwhile thing to spend money on. It is what gives you sustenance both physically and mentally. It’s what makes us happy and satisfied. It’s what joins everyone on this planet together. We all have to eat. We all should eat well. Someone once asked me what my goal in life was; do I want to be rich? I want to do well enough to put good food on my table. That’s really all I care about.

Q: Why should you read me?

A: Well I mean, the resume answer to the question is that I graduated from a good liberal art’s college with an English Degree concentrating in creative writing. I’ve been cooking for myself since I was sixteen; I started off with baked goods and moved over to entrees and lunches. I’ve also been working in the food industry for six years through catering, busing, bartending, and being a waiter. I love food. I love writing. And I’ve been told I’m semi-funny from time to time. Maybe that’s true, maybe that’s not. Enjoy these twenties.


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