Some days call for being outside more than others. Yesterday was one of them. It was about 82 degrees with a cloudless deep blue sky and little humidity. It was also Saturday which means the weekend, relaxation, and most importantly: Farmers Market Day.

At this point in the summer, Farmers Markets all over the country are exploding with Swiss chard and cherries and blueberries and fennel and snap peas and early apples and garlic and carrots and and and… all under a shared roof or pavilion or tent or car park (I’ve seen it in Mississippi). In Ithaca, these local goods also sit next to vendors selling Cambodian food and Macro-diet food and fresh baked Sourdough.

I guess what my rant is trying to get across is: Farmers Markets are awesome. Go find one. I did.

If you get to one thinking “Okay, good stuff but, really, when am I going to eat this? I don’t have time…” Pick some stuff up, throw it in a bag, and head out to a local concert outside. At least, that’s what I planned on doing yesterday seeing as every Saturday in Ithaca’s Taughannock State Park there’s a concert. Yesterday it was packed for the band Thousands of One.

For the ride and picnic, a few friends and I picked up some grapes, cherries, olives, cheese, hummus, a few beers, and bread. Except we forgot the bread.

So instead we pounded a few cherries and grapes, cracked a watermelon in half over my knee and dug in.

The music was good. The place was perfect. It was a breadless picnic, but fun nonetheless. I mean, when you’re a 20 something, you can’t do everything right. Right?


2 thoughts on “Outside

  1. Yo,

    Did you really crack a watermelon on your knee? I don’t believe you. That’s incredible. Or is that normal watermelon behavior? I don’t eat watermelon.

    I see from the pictures you were drinking Dogfish Head beer. Good call.


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