Get in my bowl, granola.

Hi. I’m a 20 something that likes to wear the same clothes day in and day out, do week-long hikes, run everyday, throw Frisbees, grow herbs, make my own yogurt and hummus. Some may say I’m a neo-hippy – walking barefoot in parks and doing yoga fives times a week while drinking ginger tea and trying to convince people to eat local. I’m not alone though! A lot of my friends do the same thing, and “treat our bodies like temples.” And normally, we eat granola. Well, most of us.

One of my best friends from college – who some may say is a bigger tree-hugger than I – hates granola. I don’t know why. “It’s just sweetened oats, raisins, and nuts, what’s not to like?” “I don’t know…” “Do you like oatmeal? Don’t you eat it every opportunity you get?” “Yeah…” “Well then try this.”

Nothing. She’ll smile, say it’s good, and let any granola in her possession go bad before eating it. Even on the trail, when granola is such a good energy boost, she’d rather eat a snickers. And she hates candy.

Anyway, I think granola is a staple in every diet. Or at least should be. I mean it’s the perfect addition to yogurt for a snack or just plain. Really just grab a handful of the sweet goodness and shove it in your face to make you smile. That’s a bit overkill.

The only problem with granola is: if you want the good stuff – the stuff that’s not overloaded with corn syrup and sugar and chocolate and oil and processed badness (a technical term, you see) – you have to spend your entire paycheck (or mine…) on one bag. Now-a-days it costs something like seven dollars to get a good bag of granola that I know I’d go through in about a week. Maybe less. Definitely less.

So, what’s my solution? Make it myself, like the neo-hippy I am.

This is also a good way to customize your perfect granola. Now you can get fancy with rice syrups and dried expensive fruit, and extracts galore, or you can start simple.

Here’s my recipe that I just made:

6 scoops of rolled oats from the bulk section of a Coop (or grocery store)

1 ½ cup raisins (I used flame raisins)

1 ¾ cups dried apples

1 cup cashews

¾ cups of Local Honey

3 tablespoons melted salted butter

3 tablespoons of canola oil

2 tablespoons of vanilla extract

Mix all the dry ingredients together

Mix Butter, Honey and Oil together

Pour the liquids over the dry stuff

Throw it in an oven at 325 for 40 minutes, then blast it at 350 for 10-12 minutes to give it a crisp.

Things are really done from the start, but you want to bake the mixture until it’s golden brown. You really can’t go wrong (unless you burn it) because if you didn’t cook it, you’d call it muesli. Ta-da!

Everything cost about 12 dollars. It made about 8-10 cups of granola. If I were to sell it at retail value, I’d say I’d gross about 40 dollars. What’s that mean? I’ve saved about 40 dollars. Give it a try.

I’d like to say that these drawings are in no way representational of my abilities.. I had no real way of getting images to get onto my computer all that well. Maybe a scanner next time and not the camera on the top of my computer. That’s why the handwriting is off too… I wrote everything backwards. And also on that note, there should be a photograph of some granola up here soon.


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