Sweating Since I Got Up

Listen up people, it’s official: Summer 2010 is the hottest (aside from the Dust Bowl of 1936) on record. From Oklahoma to New York City, it’s been a scorcher. I knew that all along, but New York Times just covered it too(http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/25/us/25heatlede.html?hp) , so I decided why not talk about the pink elephant in the room.

So how do we avoid this crazy-talk heat? Well, the government keeps issuing statements saying something like “please don’t go outside, lest you get heat stroke.” How am I supposed to not go outside when all that I love to do, save cooking, happens outside? Running – yup. Yoga – sometimes. Frolicking – most certainly. What I’m trying to say is: I go outside all day long, but I need something to cool me down. Why not a refreshing beverage?

While walking around the Fort Greene/ Clinton Hill Flea Market this morning, I saw some awesome combinations of flavors for drinks. Red Currant Cardamom Soda (Holy crap that sounded great). Ginger Limeade. Mulled Mint Lemonade. It all sounds great – and I tried the mint lemonade (it was worth every penny).

But what if you want a legal, I’m-over-21-and-want-to-exercise-that-right drink? Well turn to Mojitos, but of course. It’s got the light refreshing bubbles of soda, the enlivening taste of mint, and the kick of clear rum. It’s adult and refreshing and young all in one.

Here’s the recipe I ended up using at a recent family party I bartended with these two lovely friends:

(This is for a  pitcher…)

About 3 stalks-worth of mint (we had some growing in our back yard, how convenient?)

Pinch of Sugar

Mull (smash) that together for a good three to five minutes

Add 7-9 shots of Rum (clear Rum, for the love of this drink)

Also add the juice from 4 limes

Let that sit together for about five minutes (to get all the mint infused)

Fill the rest of the pitcher up with ½ Tonic Water and ½ Sprite (or 7up works)

Pour over ice.


4 thoughts on “Sweating Since I Got Up

  1. I’ll have you know, that Mint Lemonade is a Middle Eastern thang. representin the home front.

    That is all.

    oh,and you’re awesome.

  2. anon! just yesterday, my beloved bf was expressing deep longing and desire for a pitcher of mojitos. this is not a joke! or a coincidence! fate hath led me to thy blog, and thine blog hath provided! praise be for these wondrous tidings. mojitos shall i have, come this very weekend, and anon, an entire pitcher, perhaps to be consumed in the greatest part by this humble writer. i must offer thee my humblest thanks for yon grandeous recipe!!

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