The Pun Friendly Town; A Change

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but people, I’ve got a good reason. Want to hear it? I moved to Seoul, Korea.

No joking around, I moved to the country with easiest punability in the world: Korea’s got Seoul. I think that actually might be an Urban Outfitters t-shirt. If it’s not, then I claim copyright on that and hopefully I’ll become rich off of it so I can start my own CSA. That’s right, I’ve got dreams too.

Either way, last Saturday at 3am — after not sleeping — I got into a car and was driven from Fort Greene, Brooklyn to JFK to wait for the airport to open — which it did — at 4am. After a mix-up or two, I finally got my fourth wind of the day and found myself about 260 miles, in the air, from San Francisco. Are we all keeping up? Left at 3am, got into San Fran around 9am West Coast time. Three hours later, and I had walked the circumference of the airport at least fifteen times, had been herded like cattle from one “defective” plane to another and was on the plane to Seoul.

At this point, my body is so confused. Was I hungry? Was I tired? Was I thirsty? I still don’t know, so I shoved coffee and water down the hatch and kept walking until they told me to get on the plane and stop doing yoga in the waiting area.

On the plane was a different story. The hostess came around almost whispering, “The choices today are either beef or chicken. We apologize in advance if we run out of one, but we assure you that both are of the same airplane gourmet quality.” What does that mean? Look: I normally don’t partake in the whole “airplane cuisine” culture, but this time with 20 hours standing between me and my last meal, and my stomach opening up, I chose chicken and devoured it.

The meal wasn’t half bad, and it did was it was supposed to: put me into that dreaded and anticipated food coma. After rice (which was somehow sweet) peas, a roll and chicken strips sauteed in a sweet and sour sauce, not to mention the “cookies and cream brownie” (or see: ” let’s try to fit every dessert into one”), and a benadryl to cap off the meal, I was out. Out for 6 hours. Sleep and the yoga I did in the back stewardess’ cabin for thirty minutes were my saving graces.

Now I’m sitting in my new apartment winding down from day two on the job (Note: I arrived at 4pm on Sunday and was at work 7:45am Monday no big), kicking myself for forgetting my camera in Fort Greene, thinking about how much delicious food I’ve already eaten and how much I’ve already experienced. From getting lost on runs in the morning, to eating Bibimbap for dinner, or snagging kimbab for lunch, to a picnic on the Han river tomorrow, it has been a whirlwind, and I hope to keep everyone posted with new dishes and foods and pictures (when I get a quick filler camera as mine is shipped — by sea — over).

Ps. If you’ve been to Seoul and have recommendations, let me know. I’d love to try them!


5 thoughts on “The Pun Friendly Town; A Change

  1. Really glad to hear about all of it! Will get the camera over soon 🙂
    Yoga on the plane? Did you give classes?? 🙂

  2. So good to read of your trip–sounded a little crazy!! How is the classroom?? How many kids do you have?? Okay, I can hear you–“enough questions.” Later, Love ya.

  3. Wow, Josh!

    First of all, love the pun. I did some research. Here are some links:,245212151

    But you know what matters? I heard it from you first.

    Second of all, your writing is great. Keep at it. We need it so that you can still be in our lives. And you write like you talk, so keep it goin’, papa! And keep doing yoga in strange places. Create the “top 1000 funny places to do yoga” — I know you can do it.

    Third: you already are doing the korea-talk thing that we said!! Saying all these words like kimbab and Han river! I know bibimbap ’cause it’s my favorite korean meal but really! You expert.

    P.S. Make sure to have Korean BBQ (I’m sure you will), but what would be best is if you learned some old lady’s secret family recipe. My dad’s wife’s family recipe secret is that they add coca-cola. It’s usually some strange soda ingredient.
    P.P.S. I thought “damn, I wish there were pictures” as I stared at your camera. If only we could teleport it over.

    Miss you! Keep writing! Tell us about school and lesson planning and who knows what else!

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