Unit 4, Lesson 3: What You Did This Weekend

Well folks, let’s all gather ‘round for a sit down. I’ll tell you a story. It starts off like this (since I spend so much time with children, I figured I’d mimic their style):

One upon a time, a boy moved to Seoul. Don’t stop me if you think you’ve heard this before. I’m sure you haven’t. He moved into an apartment only five-ish minutes from his work – where he taught sweet little Korean children how to talk about antibiotics, earthquakes, and the explorer Amundsen. Sometimes they listened. Some times they didn’t. But they were always getting the rights answers.

On his first weekend – in celebration for completing the first week at school – he went exploring Seoul. To places with strange names like Hongdae and Sinchon and Itaewon. Always, though, equipped with his camera. Well. Actually he left his camera sitting in an apartment in Brooklyn next to bottles of beer and books he lent his best friend. This camera was one of his friend’s in Seoul. They went to university together back in the states.

He took pictures of what they drank and ate. Like this.

Then this.

And this.

And took other pictures of things he’d never seen before.

Or things that he thought were pretty.

Or food that he ate in mall food courts (yup folks, that’s right. He ate in a food court. But this isn’t any McDonald’s, unless they now serve bibimbap…)

On the last night of his weekend, he went to a bar that his university friend knew about. It was situated on a hill that they had to walk up, together. They were both hungry for foods. But instead they had a nice drink and took in the sunset over Namsan. Then they got food from a restaurant that is open 24 hours a day.

Overall, it was a good week (filled with walking, exploring, drinking sangria, coffee, and trying new foods ) and great weekend.

Ps. I’d give a recipe of some of these things, but honestly… I have no idea what’s in half of them. I only just recently found out that one of the dishes was anchovies. Pickled. Whole. That’s right. I ate whole fish. Bones, eyes, gills and all. Oh Asia. Oh Asia.


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