Fresh As I Can Be

Despite the street buns being intoxicatingly addictive, and the city being chalked full of restaurants of every caliber, I did get out of Taipei in search of what else Taiwan had to offer.

That’s not to say that Taipei wasn’t amazing – as you will clearly see in up coming posts about flagship restaurants and amazing night foods – it’s just to say that after wandering the streets of Taipei for a day and a half by foot, and living in Seoul (the second largest city in the world, by some counts), we decided to go rural. No more buildings and cars and street lights. We wanted nature. Since we hadn’t a clue where anything was, tourist pamphlets proved to be our best friends.

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From the Streets

When I used to think about Asian food, I thought about soy sauce, rice, and street foods. Persecute me for falling into the trap that is stereotyping or over-generalizing, but its what it is. At least I’m honest, right?

Well over the past two months, Korean food has started to dissolve that preconceived notion of mine. Now I think of tofu and cabbage and spice, rice, broth and garlic. Maybe even delicious grilled meat. Note: no soy sauce, no street food.

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Easy-Bake Oven

A lot has happened since I last sat down and hit the keyboard. I got my first paycheck. I roamed around a few temples, a few palaces, and a few markets. I learned about a delicious hof food, and a few meals that are quick and easy. I walked around the old city of Seoul, and even had nostalgic trip back to a university campus or two. Oh, and I made it overseas to Taiwan.

But right now, none of that is relevant. What the most pressing matter of the moment is: how can I bake when I’m in a country with no ovens? Continue reading

Empty Refrigerators, Full Paychecks

Guess what, dear readers. I made it. I am walking into work right now with a packed lunch, and four dollars in my pocket. That means, in a mere 7 hours, I will be walking around with my first, and beautiful paycheck.

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A Weakness. A Sunday Afternoon.

The countdown continues. I officially only have three days left until payday. If you do some strange maths and rearranging of sleep schedules, it’s actually only two days until food a plenty!  And that day couldn’t come quick enough because, despite my miserly ways accrued from days past (cough – high school – cough), I only have 11 dollars left.

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Wanderings, Branded 두부, And A Challenge

Don’t you hate it when people go abroad and all of a sudden start writing in different languages, as if it were their own? Don’t you hate it when I do stuff like that? Like what is “두부?” pronounced “dubu.” Don’t you hate it when they then try to explain what it is as if you wanted to learn something. My god you just want to sit back, look at some pretty pictures and read about food!

Well I apologize. I never meant to make you angry or agitated or even frustrated. That little Korean word is “tofu.” So that makes the title a little more interesting doesn’t it? Branded tofu. Sounds standard. Continue reading