Empty Refrigerators, Full Paychecks

Guess what, dear readers. I made it. I am walking into work right now with a packed lunch, and four dollars in my pocket. That means, in a mere 7 hours, I will be walking around with my first, and beautiful paycheck.

Sweet victory.

There is a bunch I am going to reflect on and muse about, but for now, let’s just have a quick glimpse of my last I-have-no-money-what-can-I-throw-together lunch.

How did this creation happen? Well after working up an appetite from grading about 8 classes worth of essays, I emptied my entire refrigerator onto a cutting board, chopped it all up, and threw in the liquids and spices that were at my disposal. These things happened to be a butt-end of a zucchini, a half of a pumpkin, an onion, some garlic, a pinch of bean sprouts, water, soy sauce, and a scoop of peanut butter.

So who wouldn’t think immediately to: spicy peanut butter sauce sautee? I didn’t until I almost hit my peanut butter into the garbage on accident. Thanks to that coicedence, that last scoop of pb is now warmed and mixed with soy sauce in my lunch.

Here’s to not backing down from a challenge! Maybe I’ll even get a snack on the way to work, since I have that whopping four dollars left.


4 thoughts on “Empty Refrigerators, Full Paychecks

  1. You made it! But of course you did. Hope the paycheck feels great and you have a wonderful dinner or had a wonderful dinner since it is 7pm your time now 🙂

  2. Your first paycheck, hurrah!!!! What`s that saying, ” Don`t spend it all in one place” !! Pictures today were not as exciting as your usual but I am sure you will now continue to explore and show us more interesting spots in Korea. Love hearing about your life!!

  3. this reminds me of long song at thai cuisine. i’m telling noi. my mention of the big TC also brings me to my next comment: i would like to see you TRY to digest that. digestiv-es that, for that matter.

    i should have sent this in an email.

  4. hahaha i love it! congrats on making it through. you can’t go wrong with the “empty the refrigerator” vegetable mix paired with carbs or starch. big time kudos on the peanut butter sauce! i would never have thought of that.

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