Success! And It Smells So Good.

This is going to be quick. Quicker than an intermission during a really long opera that you were invited to by your boss so you had to go but really, you just don’t know what they’re singing about so you just want to reach that intermission and now that you got to that break from culture can they please stop flickering the lights because intermission just started and you simply can’t handle any more singing in falsettos.

This is going to be quick.

I successfully made chocolate chunk cookies in a toaster oven (a different toaster oven at that). What’s more is that they made it to my class and the kids devoured them.

Chocolate chunk and not chocolate chip because little Nestle Tollhouse chips are AWOL in normal grocery stores here. But what is prevelant are little individually wrapped Lotte Chocolates. So into my batter they went, chopped up of course.

The result? A little cakey cookie with melted globs of milky-sweet chocolate, browned botoms, and a lot of smiles.  The lights are flickering, so please take your seats and enjoy the rest of Taiwan.


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