When Baking Takes Up The Morning

I woke up this morning to a crisp sunrise over a cloudless sky thinking only one thing: I want to bake today. No, it’s not the sanest, or most normal thought to have at 7am, but most thoughts that go cruising through our brains when we get out of that hazy-dream-like state aren’t quite “normal.” This particular thought didn’t dissolve throughout my morning routine though. Running over the Han River, I was only thinking about what I could bake. Maybe banana bread. Step Step Step maybe cookies again Stretch Pause Stretch maybe a fritta Step Step Step maybe scones.

I bowed mid-stride to the man that I always pass on my morning run as he was practicing his taekwondo on the sidewalk, and was still flipping through my mental rolodex of baked goods. Cup cakes, brownies, muffins? As I swiped my card to get into my apartment, it was decided (maybe by the powers that be, or maybe it was just the last thing I thought of as my shoes flew off, and the sun salutations began): I wanted to make scones.

After a few yoga poses, a few cleaned dishes, and a load of laundry in the washer (gee wiz, I’m a grown up… I think) I threw on a sweatshirt under a puff-vest to fight against the ever-close-to-freezing temperatures and headed out to my local grocer. I first searched for the eggs, flour, butter, baking soda, and cream, but they didn’t have the best selection of things. Instead, I grabbed some essentials I was missing at home anyways, and bowed my way to the next store.

I must have been the first customer in the big grocery store (the one in the basement of the subway station? Yeah, that one), because everyone followed me around making sure I could find everything. Instead of asking in my broken Korean, I just walked quickly to the dairy section, fruit section, and baking section. I even found my baking soda despite the Konglish-ized English (see: baking soda written in Korean: 바이깅 소다).

Finally home, I barely even took off my shoes before I delved into the recipe mixing the dry ingredients together first, then adding the egg-sugar-vanilla trifecta. I was unpacking the other groceries as I was butting the butter on the stove to melt. With music blasting throughout my small apartment (sorry neighbors), I mixed butter with flour to make a coarse meal, then added the egg-sugar-cream-vanilla-cinnamon concoction  with a few raisins I found, to round out these soon-to-be delicious morsels.

In 3 batches of 6, and about an hour later, now sit 17 (no, I didn’t add wrong) small scones that are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside with cinnamon pervading the unusually moist dough. Unlike those cookies I attempted a while back, these scones are down right perfect and well worth a morning.


8 thoughts on “When Baking Takes Up The Morning

  1. This last photo is absolute food porn. You know, I have a cookbook called ‘Yogi in the Kitchen’ and images of you would really spice it up.

    Those look like the gimme scones. Yum. The cornmeal currant? Come home. Oh wait, I’ll come to you.

  2. I need to start responding to your blog more I’ve decided. (even though you already know I read it religiously). Ditto to em; these scones look amazing. Can we open a bakery puhlease? Slash come visit me in Paris already 🙂

  3. Wow, the scones in the last picture look soooo good. Did you eat all of them or did you share?? Cool weather always makes me want to bake. I made a pumpkin spice cake the other day! Angel food cake for Poppop is next.

  4. Banana bread next please! The scones look amazing and again I say, miss the smells of Josh cooking in our kitchen. Who is going to do the pumpkin pie? Guess I will have to break out the baking skills!!! 🙂

  5. Josh, I am currently in school to learn to write the way you do, without abandon and from the heart. You are a very skilled linguist with the pen. I admire your talent and expression.

    I don’t know why I haven’t replied previously to some of these excerpts. I apologize for not doing so.

    This is true, honestly, I had a cinnamon/raisin scone last week, Starbucks unfortunately.

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