The Army Came Over For Dinner

The beauty of Thanksgiving is that it is always “how Thanksgiving should be.” Calm, big, delicious dinners? Cooking frenzies that somehow all work out just right? About five pounds of excess turkey? Loosened belts? A bottle of wine per person? Family Drama? Family bonding? The drunken uncle off in the corner yelling at the football game? The younger kids running away from the cleanup? Yup that all sounds about right.

Here in Korea, 14 of us decided to get together and feast properly on Saturday. We didn’t have Thursday off (obviously), so we pushed it back, giving us a little more time to plan out our potlucking technique. Some brought drinks, some brought extra food, and some went to gate 17 of the US Army base here in Seoul and picked up the main meal.

You heard it right, folks, we ordered the main part of the meal from the US Army base: Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Rolls, and Pumpkin Pie. I have to say: it was exactly what we needed to stuff ourselves silly with.

Like I said, many people brought along other foods and drinks – I ended up bringing three things along.  One: that dwenjang jjigae that I wrote about a little while back. Two: apple crisps with orange, ginger, cinnamon topping. Three: sweet potato rounds topped with a pumpkin-onion-garlic-fig-raisin buschetta and bitter green resting on top. Really, I see Thanksgiving as a time to go all out with food. Well that, Christmas, and any Dinner Party I decide to have…

I could go on describing, but sometimes pictures are more adequate.











Until next Thanksgiving: “My favorite meal of the year.”


4 thoughts on “The Army Came Over For Dinner

  1. Glad to hear and read about you getting Thanksgiving there in Seoul. Really missed your cooking at our place, but Nancy’s stuffing is still the best ever! Where did all 14 of you meet? Sounds like a lot of laughter and fun was had along with the great food!!

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