Curried (Zucchini Salad) Lunch

Waking up at six every morning to: run, drink coffee, catch up on emails, wash the dishes from the night before, shower, and dress for work: is not the most conducive time for cooking a good lunch to take into work. But just before going to bed, against all logic, is.

Last night I felt a surge of energy and a touch of inspiration, walked into my kitchen, and started to cook lunch at 10pm. I had just finished reading the Minimalist’s farewell article on New York Times, and tried to evince a sense of minimalism and genius. I don’t know if I hit the mark, but I did make a quick and tasty treat that fit pleasantly into my Tupperware container.

A Curried Lunch:

One healthy serving of mixed greens

Half-a zucchini cut into quarters

One Handful of bean sprouts, lightly chopped

One (or two) Korean sweet potato


Diced garlic



Curry Powder

Coriander Powder

Ginger Powder




Bring water to a boil, and place the sweet potatoes in and let boil for about ten to fifteen minutes (depending on size)

While the sweet potato(es) is (are) cooking, place oil into a pan over medium-high heat. Place diced garlic in, and sauté until slightly brown. Add in salt, pepper, and quartered zucchini. Let cook for two minutes, then add in lightly chopped bean sprouts. Add a dash of water, along with Curry, Coriander, Ginger, and Cinnamon in a 3:2:1:1 ratio.

By this time, the sweet potatoes should be finished. Take them out, and place on a chopping block. Peel, and slice into disks about one quarter inch thick. Then into quarters.

Place the zucchini-bean sprout collage into one Tupperware, and let sit over-night.

Place sweet potatoes in a dust-storm of cinnamon, and let sit over night.


In the morning, toss all of it together, along with the healthy serving of mixed greens.

Make your co-workers envious.



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