BKFST Inspiration

Inspiration strikes at random. Like when you click on a new website and are greeted with pictures of delicious breakfasts making the mornings now full of possibilities. Or like when a friend – who recently moved into your apartment – comes to a lunch-cooking date with pumpkin puree and pancake mix.

You really can’t fight it, inspiration that is. Just get your wits about you and go forth, just as we did to create this feast on a good-old-fashion Wednesday afternoon.

The Menu:

Walnut Raisin Pancakes that were seared crisp on the outside and hand textured surprises on the inside. Not too sweet, but sweet enough to keep you wanting more.

Maple Pumpkin Topping that was thick and rich, sitting on top of the golden pancake, giving an added hint of sweetness and a whole lot of earthiness to this breakfast.

A Garden In Your Omelette, which is true to it’s name, chalked full of mushrooms, broccoli sliced thin, carrots, onions, garlic, and maybe a sprig of basil (if it grew here…), all held together with fluffy, moist eggs worthy of envy.



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