Excitement (!!!!!)

I am excited (!!!!!!!!). No, I am more than excited. I am enthralled. I am anxious and happy and fevered and aflutter and. And excited.

Why? Because in a few short hours my mom and best friend are going to be landing in Korea to spend the next ten days in my small apartment exploring this huge city (!!!!!!!). Palaces and temples and street vendor shopping and river side walking and cherry blossom seeing and streets lined with cafes and tables filled with endless side dishes and artist colonies and beaches and mountains and food beyond all of our dreams are all on the menu for these ten days. I am beyond excited.

One of the places I’ll be taking them is one of the very best vegan restaurants I’ve found here (which is a surprising amount seeing as Seoul has embraced the “Loving Hut” brand name).

Located on a side street alleyway, as seemingly all good restaurants are, Honest Loving Hut serves up foods that even the most carnivorous of diners would enjoy. Cream Pastas, Hearty Sandwiches, Burgers (okay this one a meat-lover might identify as “not the real thing”…) and ice cream desserts are all gracing the menu for all a reasonable price (roughly 6-14 dollars).

My favorite thing I’ve tried so far is the roasted vegetable sandwich on vegan ciabatta bread. My god is the bread soft, the vegetables roasted and salty, and the pumpkin crispy. It has a night “neo-mayo” on the top bun, and a sweet kick of pineapple on the bottom. This sandwich is exactly what you might want on a summer’s day around one in the afternoon when you and your good friends and family are all gathered around a picnic table after a nice long hike and swim and are a bit peckish and want to enjoy the season’s bounty with a nice glass of dry white wine.

The inside of Honest Loving Hut was quaint, minimalist, and quiet – exactly what you might expect from a vegan restaurant in the heart of the foreign neighborhood in Seoul – that also had a few vegan treats for sale (see: mixes and freshly baked bread).

Other Loving Huts scattered throughout the city feature different cuisines (one is Vietnamese, one is an all-you-can-eat-amazingly-delicious-and-cheap Korean buffet, one is student Korean food).

In about one day, I’ll take my visitors (!!!!!!) there and everywhere else I can think of in this blooming city.


5 thoughts on “Excitement (!!!!!)

  1. What wonderful excitement viariously transferred to the reader. Makes one wish one was with the group these next ten days. Enjoy!

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