“Congratulations” cried Nootch

What a weekend. It was beautiful, warm, uplifting but all too quick.  Sunshine, shorts, sunglasses, water bottles, shoes without socks, street-corner sitting with a tall glass of iced coffee, books, journals, new music, open windows, brunch outside, new restaurants, coffee shop hopping, window shopping, strolls through parks, runs on the river, making the most out of every day and well into the night. This is the start, dear readers, the sneak peak, of summer in Seoul. And I’m ecstatic for it to fully awaken.

Quickly, before I get caught up in adventures, I played with a loved ingredient this weekend for breakfast: nutritional yeast. How? But in my breakfast of course.

Simple scrambled eggs made with broccoli, cherry tomatoes and topped with nutritional yeast — fondly known as ‘nootch’. (It’s a vegan product, yellow in tint, filled with B vitamins and tasting of Parmesan cheese. It’s also freaking delicious and amazing to play around with. Especially in vegan mac’ and cheese). Try it out — it’s hard not to like.

Tomorrow, after I can fully digest my weekend (since some of it may still be squirming around in my stomach…), I’ll fill you in on adventures and experiments. Until then, please check out Mumford & Sons if you haven’t already. They’re on repeat.

Ps. Today, like I did a year ago, my dear friends (and what seem like family) in Davidson College are graduating today. Congratulations, simply. 


One thought on ““Congratulations” cried Nootch

  1. Will try the extra in the eggs in the am to make them a bit different….thanks! Can not believe a yr has passed and hope all enjoy the graduation as much as we did!

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