Trail Banter

About three days into every backpacking trip, the trail banter always changes. For the first three days, you catch up on past events, talk about future plans, gaze around you at the striking scenery, play trail games, guess which of the three is a lie, and figure out on the map how far it is to that next peak. Or trail juncture. Or shelter.

But after three days, the chit-chat always turns into a discussion of what would be the perfect meal once you get off the trail. No matter how well you back for the backcountry, there are always things missing – super fresh produce, or meat that doesn’t come in cans, or sweets that haven’t melted together in your bag because of the heat you’re producing hauling it up a mountain.

Some people start to crave exotic things like lobster and mangos, some just want a good piece of toast. I, well, I always craved simple freshness.

In a lot of ways, being on the trail is very similar to being in Korea. I love it here and find myself really getting along well with anything and everything I find here. But sometimes, all I want is a little pit stop into a small town that carries the things I desire. And that happens every so often – my family sends me care packages from home loaded with good coffee, dried fruits, and other delicious delicacies they think I may miss – but some things just can’t be sent via airmail (see: honey, kombucha!)

So what do I miss here in Korea? What will my first meal be back in the states? I don’t quite know yet seeing as I have a few more months here, but I do know that it will be simple, and look a little something like this (fresh, local goat cheese, hummus, whole wheat crackers, local greens from the farmer’s market, and kombucha… but of course)

But in the mean time, I make due very nicely. In fact, today I’m off to a fermentation festival in search of the mysterious, elusive, and delicious Kombucha! More pictures to come!


2 thoughts on “Trail Banter

  1. Ah, so you think honey can not be sent? Has your family ever let you down 🙂
    One more package then you get home to get your own stuff…….yeah!!!
    Looking forward to the pictures of the weekend adventure.

  2. Yummm! Looks so good! I know exactly what you mean… whenever it starts getting close to a trip home again, I start lining up all the meals I want in my head. A lot of the time it’s been Mexican food… you know, the “please, God, take me to a Mexican restaurant, the kind with the unlimited chips and salsa and margaritas bigger than your head and then you’re too full to eat your actual dinner so you take it home for tomorrow” type… but this last time in May the thing I craved the most was simple food on the grill. I wanted hamburgers, pizza, veggies, chicken, whatever, just as long as it was on the grill.

    As a sidenote, my honey collection over here would make you jealous. I will send you a picture. Hugs from Sweden!

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