The Land of Umami (And Other Flavors, Too)

The last week has been a culinary tour, from steamed chicken with perrila seed soup, to kimchi-pork-reduction, to Japan. That’s right, the reason for my absence has not been business or busy-ness, but rather travel. Last wednesday, I started my three day vacation which bled into a weekend, making it the perfect five-day opportunity to go to a country I’ve never been and always wanted to go: Japan.

A friend and I flew from Seoul to Osaka to explore the Kansai region of Nara, Kyoto, and Osaka city. It was full of temples, palaces, big gates, bonsai trees, Shinto shrine passing, geisha spottings, ramen eating, shade-seeking, and city walking. Really, it was one of those vacations that you might cornily say “man, I need a vacation from my vacation.”

I don’t have the time at present to really dive into my last week of feasting, but expect one post a day for at least the next week.




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