Hello, Excuse Me, Sorry, Thank You

These are the only words I know how to say in Japanese, and consequently the theme of this week.

Hello: Konichiwa. Hi. Hello. Hey. I’ve been gone, running around, trying to tie up loose ends at work, trying to make it easy for the next person to come into my position and just glide, and not have to hike up a mountain with no direction. I’ve also been trying to keep up and catch up with friends throughout the city during this humidity wave (see: no rain!!). In addition, I’d like to really get as much cooking in with the Korean ingredients while I still have them at my disposal. So that recipe right there leaves very little time for sitting in front of the keyboard to type to convey, to truly represent Japan.

Excuse Me: Gomen-Na-Sai. Excuse me, but I haven’t really kept my end of the deal up. I said I’d write every day. That might not really start happening until today.

Sorry: Su-ree-ma-sen. Sorry that I have been such a tease with Japan adventures. I do have to say that what will come of these following posts involve Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, temples, palaces, castles, noodles, pancakes, tempura, Shinto shrines, octopus, vegetarian dinner sets, lotuses, and really just iconic Japanese things. Things that make me tranquil inside for some reason or another.

Thank you: Domo Arrigato Thank you for reading. Always and forever.

One more thing: (no idea) If you have any requests for Korean food, let me know within the next couple of days because big things are happening changing moving shaking. Just throw any request in a comment (commenting isn’t as scary as it might look!)