Peach Faith

I started cooking with desserts. I’ve said it before but I should remind readers because really, through the salads, the travels, the entrees, and the live food – most of my culinary bedrock rests on desserts. I know it, my family knows it, my friends know it. So within ten to fifteen minutes of me stepping through the door after being gone for over a year, my mom says “the only food requests is that you take those,” finger extended and pointed in the direction of just picked peaches, “and make a pie.”

Requests are amazing since then I have a specific audience and someone really to cook for. So into the ol’ noggin I went, trying to come up with a new peach pie. I couldn’t  just do peaches and sugar. So I took a leap of faith, a look into our herb garden, and a peak at our spice cabinet and came up with something.

See, as the summer season toys with the faint of heart and teases those in love with fall as temperatures start to dip down at night, I start to pair classic cross-seasonal flavors together. In this case: peaches, mind, rooted in cardamom with a touch of bergamot.

The earthy-sweet-savory taste of cardamom hid out in the simple, slightly sweet buttery crust while the peaches, summer honey, and mint marinated together for an hour.

In addition to the flavor brigade, I also tried to make it almost a custard pie, stocking up the filling with a greek-strained yogurt, an egg, and a lot of… faith that this wouldn’t be a disaster.

After the 45 minutes in the oven, I knew it was anything but. It was hinted sweet with deep notes of cardamom in the thick hand rolled dough. The tang of the yogurt balanced both the peach-honey and lively mint sweets. All put together this was a great dessert (which I replicated three days later) for a late summer, early evening on a porch. Try it, it all is super easy.

Peach-Mint Pie with a Cardamom-Bergamot Crust

It looks complicated on paper, but simple in practice!

The dough:

2 cups whole wheat flour

1 stick of butter (cold!)

Sea Salt


A cup of Earl Grey Tea

Toss the 2 cups of flour into a food processor. Cut up the cold butter into slices and toss them into the processor. Pulse it a few times to get the butter chopped into the flour. Add the salt, and cardamom (two pinches of salt, a few shakes for the cardamom). Pulse. Add some Earl Grey Tea into the mixture and pulse until the dough is just before cookie-dough smooth. You want some rolling to do.

Take it out. Ball it up. Put it into some cling wrap and let it chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

The peaches:

6 peaches (sliced, but not necessarily peeled)

¼ cup of Honey

Mint (depends on how much you like mint, folks!)

Add these together, and let sit for 45 minutes to marinate.

The custard:

1 cup Greek-strained yogurt (or plain yogurt, whatever tickles your pickle)

½ cup honey

1 egg

1 tablespoon flour

½ teaspoon (aka a splash) vanilla

Pinch of salt

Mix this up.

The combo:

Preheat the oven to 400

Take the dough out. Roll it well so it’s thin, but not awfully thin. Place it into a pie pan and cut off the edges. If you have extra dough, give it to someone you love to snack on, or take it, roll it, and prep it for a laced-topping.

Put the peach mixture in the pie crust. Fill it up with the yogurt custard. Pop it into the oven at 400 for 25 minutes. Then, reduce it to 375 for the remaining 25-30 minutes.

Ps if you have a top (that extra dough), give it a quick egg wash for a nice golden brown look.

Pps. Ice Cream is required.


2 thoughts on “Peach Faith

  1. Wish I had been there for this delicacy–I think maybe your love of desserts came from Grandma!!! Poppop also said this recipe sounds good–think maybe that is a hint!! Grandma

  2. This pie was amazing!!!!! I have passed along to the southern friends….georgia peaches should make this good as well 🙂 what will you cook in your own place?

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