When Days Disappear

I wish I had not 24, 25 or 26 hours to a day, but a nice round number of 30. I also wish I had another arm to help me carry things, and a never ending supply of kombucha. But these are things we have to live with, deal with, and really just enjoy. And really, as you start to think about it, maybe it is better that days fly by during summer days and autumnal nights. Because, as to really lay the adages on heavy, time only really flies when you’re… you can finish the rest. In fact, there’ s this really cool idea (I heard on radiolab, which is one of the best radio shows on the air right now) that time is different for everyone based. That’s why some people age quicker — they are simply living life at a different time. Hm, philosophical and metaphysical and all that jazz.

Now for the sustenance to keep you rolling through those days that just seem to end but end too quickly. Those days where you don’t sit down, but you don’t want to. Those days that you have one of those stupid smiles on your face non stop and without your knowing.

See, we all know that to keep up with these amazing days, you do need something nutritious, but heaven forbid you spend more than thirty minutes on it. I mean, come on — that’s why 30-minute meals on the Food Network blew up. But here’s the thing, one way to keep it super quick, is to keep it vegetarian. Hold up, what? No meat?! That ain’t American I don’t want it.

Cool down, patriotic patrick — I got your tofu right here, as well as your seasons veggies hanging out in the back of the fridge.

Make It Quick, Make It Delicious, Make it Disappear

Olive Oil, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Onions, Red Cabbage, Corn, Broccoli, Swiss Chard. Put all those in, in that order, and sautee for about 10 minutes. 

Cut up some cherry tomatoes, get some feta out, and cut some tofu khan (soy-sauce marinated tofu).

Throw the tofu in (protein!), cook for 2 minutes. Top with the tomatoes and feta.

There you go: you’ve got a hearty sauteed salad with some oomff (see: hearty greens and cabbage), the juicy crunch of the cherry tomatoes, the smooth texture of the feta and finally, the protein.

Keep truckin’, dear readers. Let those days disappear with a smile on your face.


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