Supported Revival

This is all in bad form. It has been close to that of a year since new, meaningful, words found their way onto this blog. My good friend, when discussing a blog revival, said it was in bad taste, bad form, flat out wrong, for me to post so frequently for so long, and then simply stop. And to stop so suddenly, and with no repose.

So in that light, I’ve decided to revamp the format, and give myself a aesthetic reason to look at 20somethings again – meta, without doubt.

Why? Why not just start up where I left off? Why not just talk about holidays and summer and tacos made on back porches in the heart of Seoul? For many reasons. First and foremost: I tried to do that back a year ago. And I quote: “It’s time for another change…I want this place now to be a memoir, a conglomeration, a mélange of stories of this construction of a menu, and a palate through the food”.  It obviously didn’t work out amazingly. True, I tried out many new recipes, but never did they find their way onto the page. I could try to figure out reasons as to what it was specifically that made me quiet my writers mind – America, lack of kimchi, restaurants became my home and not classrooms, biking over bridges really took it out of me (?), bodega grocery stores, laundry mats?

All in all, things have changed.

And for that reason, the greyed background and photos of the Tetons are gone. Cookies in question head my writing. Not to worry, it is still the blog photo-documenting experiences of food, story telling, and creating recipes. But like many careers of a 20-something, times and events change. Maybe the adventures won’t seem as foreign to some, but to many: living in the five boroughs is nothign near commonplace. Sometimes, you just need a facelift to get yourself excited again. Let’s start a-new.


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