Sit, Eat, Do Nothing Else

I’ve fallen into wasting time on Tumblr these days. I find it a better, almost more productive way to procrastinate those things that need to get done. At least those Tumblr accounts that I follow seem crafted; put together; aesthetics kept in mind; as opposed to the powerhouse of procrastination – Facebook. What does my dream house look like? How exactly will that infinity pool fit in? That’s how a black cape would look on a guy running down an empty road in New Mexico would look, I’ll be sure not to do that. You know, productive ideas, fleshed out.

Sometimes, theses Tumblr accounts all seem to lock in on one “viral” post, and recently it’s been “sixteen small steps to happiness,” a list (all seeming to skip over step 13…) of ideas as to how to better your days. Small quips about sleep and hygiene and the golden rule. As with all lists, or food fads, or fashion advice, you can only really hop on board with a few of the ideas. Number four caught my eye:

4. get into the habit of cooking yourself a beautiful breakfast. fry tomatoes and mushrooms in real butter and garlic, fry an egg, slice up a fresh avocado and squirt way too much lemon on it. sit and eat it and do nothing else.

You always hear “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but I rarely got on board. I seem to value sleep over eggs and bacon. That is to say, I have never been one to eat a beautiful breakfast, but the past two days I have made the effort. I tried to step towards happiness. Normally it’s a fresh pressed juice and a piece of toast. Or coffee and a bagel. Or those cold eggs that the restaurant you are working for put out two hours ago and you attempt to eat them but really, the cold tatter tots are going to be your fuel for the next couple of hours. Tatter tots and mayonnaise. Not that that has happened before.  But yesterday I tried.  Sautéed peppers and onions with Dijon mustard, snap peas, toasted bagel and smeared avocado. Easy, simple, ten minutes of preparation. This morning – roasted potatoes with garlic, celery seed, and zucchini with a toasted tortilla and butter-fried egg with three slices of avocado.   Again, nothing that I would take a picture of and send home to mom, but it was beautiful nonetheless. It was not only a healthy meal, but also one that made me “sit and eat it and,” aside from that one text I received far too early in the morning, “do nothing else.” It wasn’t a bowl of cereal that I haphazardly raised spoon to mouth and devoured the internet. It was a meal that I took seriously, and slowed my day – I created perfect bites. I hoped that some avocado was left at the end. I had started my day, the old fashioned way. Maybe I could try number nine tomorrow.

9. organise your room. fold all your clothes (and bag what you don’t want), clean your mirror, your laptop, vacuum the floor. light a beautiful candle.

Or maybe I could just keep cooking breakfasts.





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