The 20-Something

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This blog started out being about food as a whole. From researching, to tracking down, to talking about, to shopping for, to harvesting, to cooking, to enjoying and maybe somethings in between. 20something was started back in 2010 when I decided to pack up my things and travel all over–across the US, over to Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan– and now I find myself in New York City.  I wanted to write about the food experiences around me for everyone and anyone that looks forward to their twenties, are in their twenties, or remembers their twenties. This blog is exactly like your twenties. No rhyme or reason to posts. One day review. One day experience. One day recipe. Two weeks of nothingness and getting lost in Netflix (who hasn’t done that, eh?). One day photo essay. No chronological order. This is simply: Managed chaos, like our twenties.

Feel free to leave some comments, ask some questions, or just read and savor.



3 thoughts on “The 20-Something

  1. Hey Josh – this is a great cooking web site! I live in Seoul too and I was wondering where you get your produce. It all looks so good! Do you go to a market or a big mart? And do you have an oven or how are you able to pull off all these baking feats?

    Thanks for your recipes!

    • Jenny — first: thank you so much for reading my stuff! In order to bake, I use a medium-sized toaster oven with adjustable temperatures (it’s basically a mini-oven without convection heat). And I get most of my vegetables from a little market, or street-side stands. It takes a little more effort to find exactly what I want, but so worth it.

      Thanks again for reading! Keep cooking!

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